Golden City T07 - Les Enfants perdus

Date de parution : 21/11/2007 / ISBN : 978-2-7560-0490-7

Summary Résumé en Français

Golden City floats on the ocean, shielded from the overpopulation and from the violence that reigns over the continent. Only the wealthiest can live there and, as such, Harrison Banks appears to be among one of the privileged...
But when his wife’s plane crashes mysteriously, Banks must start a perilous investigation in an unknown territory and embark on a descent into hell…

Mifa and the other orphans have finally realized the dream that was impossible for them: to live in Golden City. As for Banks, he reassumes his functions as president again. But their respite is only short-term...
The leaders of the city are now demanding Banks’ resignation, are planning to move against him if he refuses, and worse still, the kidnapping of Professor Seed doesn’t bode well for the inhabitants of the floating city. All factors leading to an unprecedented event in the history of Golden City.


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